About Us

About Us

Woman’s Health Options (formally the Edmonton Morgentaler Clinic) has been providing reproductive health services, primarily safe abortion, in Edmonton since 1991. In that time, the clinic has grown and changed adding services to improve our care for people. At this time services include abortion care as well as counseling, birth control counseling and services, pap tests and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing.

The commitment of the staff at Woman’s Health Options is to provide safe abortion and related services to people. The clinic is a state of the art medical facility using evidence-based techniques and knowledge. We are committed to learning, teaching and research in order to improve services to people and ultimately improve people’s overall well-being. As such, you may be asked about students or research studies while at the clinic. Your participation is appreciated, but you always have the right to refuse.

Woman’s Health Options is also committed to ensuring that the right to reproductive freedom is protected. We believe that a person’s right to choose if, when and under what circumstances they have a child is a basic human right. Without the right to reproductive self-determination a people cannot be a full and equal citizen of society. Woman’s Health Options is committed to preserving this right and vigilantly guarding against its erosion.

Mission Statement

Providing an atmosphere filled with understanding, respect and dignity; giving people options for their reproductive health, including contraception and abortions, thereby allowing people the freedom to choose a quality of life filled with health, harmony, and strength.

The goal of Woman’s Health Options is not only to help people requesting these services but to ensure that people be given the choice and opportunity to have children who are wanted, at a time when they can offer love and proper nurturing.