You may be bleeding after the procedure. The bleeding varies from woman to woman. It may start right away or 3 days later or not at all. It may last from a few days to 3 weeks. Some women pass clots and the bleeding may seem heavier if you get up suddenly, go to the toilet or increase exercise. Blood clots the size of your thumb are common. Often the bleeding stops and then starts up again. Between 4 and 6 days after the procedure, you may have cramps and pass clots. As your hormones are dipping back to normal levels, you may also feel sad or cranky.

Clots may be dark colored (black) and toonie-sized or larger. Cramping that is uncomfortable can be eased with Tylenol Extra Strength or Advil (follow package directions). It usually eases within a couple of hours. If you do not notice any improvement in 2 hours, phone us.

Drinking alcohol, lifting heavy objects, using Aspirin or marijuana can cause slightly heavier bleeding.