Our Clinic Services

Our Clinic Services


You can make a counselling appointment to discuss your options.

1. Decision Making

For some individuals it can be a very difficult and complex decision to continue or end a pregnancy. If you would like an opportunity to speak with a counsellor about your options you can call and book an appointment.

2. Scheduled Appointments

On the day of your abortion appointment, you will have the opportunity to speak to a counsellor. You will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions you may have regarding your abortion.

3. Post Abortion Counselling

If you would like to speak with a counsellor about your abortion, whether it be in the distant past or recent, you can call the clinic to speak with a counsellor over the phone or book an appointment to speak with a counsellor in person.

All of the counsellors at Woman’s Health Options are registered social workers governed by the ethics and regulations of the Alberta College of Social Workers.

Email a Counsellor

Speak to a counsellor: counsellor@whol.ca