Our Clinic Services

Our Clinic Services


You can make a counselling appointment to discuss your options.

1. Pre Abortion Counselling

After a woman arrives at the clinic and completes her medical chart paperwork, she is called by a counsellor. The counsellor can discuss any concerns or answer any questions that a woman or her support person may have. This is a chance to discuss emotional or spiritual concerns, ask about fetal development or the procedure. The counsellors can also provide information or referrals for different methods of birth control.

2. Post Abortion Counselling

Post abortion support is also available from counsellors at the clinic. If you live outside of Edmonton and need post-abortion support, please contact the clinic directly for a referral to a pro-choice counsellor in your area.

3. Decision Making

If you would like to talk with a counsellor about the abortion, whether it be in the distant past or recent, you can call the clinic to speak with a counselor over the phone or call 780-484-1124 to book an appointment.

You can also call Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness to speak with a counsellor or book an appointment, 780-423-3737.

If you live outside the Edmonton area and would like to speak with a counsellor call the clinic to ask for more information.

All of the counsellors at Woman’s Health Options are registered social workers governed by the ethics and regulations of the Alberta College of Social Workers. All counsellors are specifically trained to work at an abortion clinic by clinic staff.

Email a Counsellor

Talk to a counsellor: counsellor@whol.ca