Please read this information so that you know what is normal after the procedure and what to do in case of a problem. Keep this pamphlet to read when the need arises.

As a patient today you agreed, by signing the consent form, that you will not drive a motor vehicle for 24 hours. This restriction is for your safety so please follow it.

Please call with any questions or concerns. Call us first. If you need further medical attention, we can often facilitate it.

During work hours (Mon-Fri): 780-484-1124 (our clinic number)

Holidays, evenings, weekends: our medical assistance line

If you call the medical assistance line and are asked to leave your name and number, please do so. This is a private line and your call will be confidential. Speak slowly and clearly so we can call you back. If your phone does not accept blocked numbers, we can’t return your call. If this is the case, please call the number again. If you are staying in a hotel, please include the phone number and the room number.

Once you call us, please keep the line open and stay by the phone; your call will be returned quickly. It is possible the number you gave us was not recorded clearly enough to return your call. If your call is not urgent and not returned within 1 hour, please try again.

If your concerns are not urgent or you have questions about your care you can email a clinic nurse at