Preventing Infection

After an abortion, the cervix (the opening of the uterus) can remain slightly open for some time. Anything you put into the vagina may cause an infection in the uterus. To decrease the risk of infection, please follow these instructions for 2 weeks after your abortion procedure.

No Tampons (only sanitary napkins/pads)
No vaginal intercourse (sex)
No Tub baths (only showers)
No swimming or hot tubs

If an infection develops, it is most likely to happen 2-3 days after the abortion. Usual signs of infection can include fever of 38.5 C (100.4 F), tenderness in the abdomen and vaginal discharge.

If you phone us, we will ask for your temperature. If you have a temperature and you think it is a cold, flu or sore throat, still call us. Any fever after an abortion should be checked out by us. Infections that are treated early by antibiotics will decrease the chance of later problems. With proper care, hospitalization is rare.