Emotional Support

Emotional Support

Online Resources

The internet a lot of information regarding abortion, but not all of it is respectful or even accurate. These are links to websites that you can trust.

Emotional Support: ~ The Abortion Conversation Project ~ Exhale ~ The Abortion Diaries

Support People: ~ Especially for Men

Spiritual and Religious Support: ~ Catholics for a Free Choice

Abortion Information: ~ Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada ~ The National Abortion Federation ~ Canadians for Choice ~ ~ Women on Waves ~ Women on Web

Abortion Related Blogs: ~ NAF Canada ~ Abortion Clinic Days ~ Abortioneers ~ Anti-choice is Anti-awesome ~ Every Saturday Morning ~ Feminiists For Choice ~ I am Dr. Tiller ~ One of three is me! ~  Living as a Pro-Choice Christian ~ My Voice, My Choice, My Blog ~ The Abortion Monologues